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How much does it cost?

*If the number of participants is less than 4 (where the minimum allowed is 4), the price per person increases to cover the minimum threshold.

ISOLA DELLE BAMBOLE (The Island of the Dolls)

From 4 to 8 players: €20 per person

UOMO NERO (The Midnight Man)

From 4 to 6 players: €20 per person

INCUBI (Nightmares)

From 4 to 6 players: €25 per person

La Piramide di KHONSU (The Pyramid of KHONSU)

From 4 to 8 players: €25 per person

LEFT ALIVE VR (virtual reality)

From 2 to 5 players: €20 per person

FUGA DALLA PIRAMIDE (virtual reality)


How Does the ESCAPE ROOM Work?

Locked inside

You can exit whenever you want; throughout the journey, you will find plenty of emergency exits. You won't bring anything inside; the escape room will provide you with all the items you need.

Time is running out..

You will have to hurry. Will you be able to solve the mystery in 60 minutes?

Immerse Yourself in the Atmosphere

The rooms are designed to create an authentic and enjoyable experience, every detail has been carefully considered.

How Does Virtual Reality Work?

The Headsets

Put on our latest generation headsets and enter extraordinary worlds. Glasses are not an issue, but if you can wear contact lenses, it is definitely better!


Play together with your friends! You will move in the same environment and see each other as avatars

Many Challenges

Many new adventures are coming soon

What They Say About Us

Fantastic! My friends and I have been escape room enthusiasts for a long time, and rarely have I found escape rooms so well managed both in terms of atmosphere and puzzles that I felt the need to review them. The hosts are not only friendly and extremely accommodating but also have the expertise that has allowed them to create something hard to find elsewhere. The most well-deserved 5 stars ever.
my very first time participating in an escape room with my friends, and we were all thrilled! We laughed so much while playing, and I think even the guys watching us through the cameras were dying of laughter 😂 all jokes aside, the game is really, really well-structured... Puzzles, traps, riddles, everything was truly exceptional! Now I have the urge to visit all the escape rooms in Italy! 😂😂😂
We came from Bologna and in a couple of months we did both rooms, different from each other but beautiful! I recommend it because the rooms are different from the usual and classic ones you find around! I think it's the best escape room in Emilia! Moreover, the girl who works there is very professional, nice, and kind!
They deserve all 5 stars! The game is incredibly fun and the staff is adorable. An unexpected experience, finally in Carpi! I can't wait for the new settings to be inaugurated so I can come back!